WHO TCM diagnoses

The World Health Organisation has recently developed International Classification of Diseases codes for Traditional Medicine (TM ICD-11, see www.apps.who.int for more detail). The TM ICD-11 codes are based on a unified set of traditional medicine disorders and patterns from national classifications from China, Japan and Korea. As a new Chapter in ICD-11, the TM ICD-11 codes will be subjected to peer review and international field testing over the coming years. The field testing is being led by the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, in collaboration with a number of international partners.


As a TM practitioner your input is very important in order to enhance the quality of the TM ICD-11 codes and for testing their utility, feasibility and reliability. We would like to invite you to participate in a survey to identify the spectrum of opinions as well as a consensus statement on key aspects of the TM ICD-11 codes. The English language voluntary survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be completely confidential with individual results being aggregated. To participate in the survey please click on the link below:



Is de WHO op de goede weg met de TCM diagnosecodes? Doe mee!

De WHO werkt samen met een aantal partners (ETCMA, Royal Londen Hospital for Integrated Medicine) aan de implementatie van TCM diagnosecodes in de ICD-11. Als onderdeel van dit proces is een survey samengesteld die de juistheid van deze diagnoses wil bevragen onder TCM therapeuten in Europa. Ook de leden van de NVA zijn uitgenodigd om hun mening te geven via onderstaande Survey.